Introduction and Links

Below are several links to articles and work samples to help you get acquainted with Mimi's work. Subsequent posts on this blog will provide a sample of images and video not yet available on the internet. (We are currently developing an official website for Mimi Gross.)

The exhibition catalogue of Mimi's 2002 portrait series, The Charm of Many, is a great place to begin learning about her diverse career as an artist and designer. Poet Charles Bernstein thoroughly describes her creative process and philosophies behind art-making. The catalogue concludes with an illustrated exhibition resume, filmography, and bibliography which covers over five decades. (PDF)

New York Times review of The Charm of Many.
Mimi Gross's wikipedia page.

Sketchbook Sample. All of Mimi's work is rooted in disciplined sketching and drawing. She's filled a library of sketchbooks and never leaves the house without one. This example comes from an exhibition/event called Poetry Plastique curated by Jay Sanders and Charles Bernstein in 2001 at the Marianne Boesky Gallery, NYC.

On collaborations with dancer Douglass Dunn. In this online essay, Mimi discusses why she collaborates with other artists. The article includes images of many dances that she and Douglas Dunn have developed since the late 70's.

An illustrated poetry book Mimi Gross and Charles Bernstien made together called "Some of These Daze".

Blogs from her classes at MICA:

Some of These Daze 2001-5

In 2001, shortly after the 9/11 attacks, Gross visited ground zero and recorded in her sketchbook what she saw.  Her drawings, paired with poetry by collaborator Charles Bernstein were made into a book, titled "Some of These Daze", and published by Granary Books in 2005.

Success Garden

Portrait of ‘Success Garden’ in Harlem, 1993, Installation, The Urban Center, Harlem, NYC.

Public Works

Storefront, Coney Island.

"Ella", 1970's

"Kingfisher", 1970's

"Parade", 1970's

Dark Air 1980-1

A Glimpse of Process

O'Neal's Restaurant 1979